2Know Community

What is the 2Know community?

In this culture of constant change, there is a power that comes from knowing.

Change is constant and unavoidable. It is not easy to navigate. It takes significant attention and intention. By providing an environment to help people gain knowledge and create a trusted community, 2Know will provide timely updates and applications through workshop experiences with professionals and peers. 2Know is an effort to create a community of people who want to expand their knowledge and learn innovative and purposeful ways to connect people to their organizations, while also creating the culture they desire.


The Invitation

This season, 2Know will be offering workshop experiences on Healthcare Reform. Through legislative updates and application experiences, 2Know will help businesses and individuals navigate Healthcare Reform changes, including the way we now look at health and the impacts of such a divided subject.

2Know has partnered with Jesse Patton (HIA, MHP, FAHM, LUTCF, HIPAAA, EHBA, PHIAS), a well-known and respected ACA/Healthcare Reform expert, to share his extensive knowledge and expertise on the subject. Roundtable discussions will allow participants to question, share and explore applications for the changes that are happening, and leave the event with actionable intention for navigating their options.


Who has created this community?

2Know was created by Jennifer Browne and Jennifer Webster as a resource for listening, learning and sharing with individuals and business leaders in the community. Their vision for 2Know is to unite people with common concerns to find meaning amongst constant change, and how to incorporate the unknown into our lives for positive results. 2Know is sponsored by Benefit Source, Inc., a West Des Moines-based employee benefit firm and OneBody3, an organization helping individuals and businesses create cultures of wellbeing. Together, the 2Know community will take timely issues and make them relevant and actionable for participants.


How do I become part of this knowledge-seeking community?

2Know will meet quarterly with various sessions available to new participants and its members. Each event will be formatted to provide experiences to both expand knowledge and implement changes in practical and positive ways. Sessions are created based on the size and needs of the organizations attending. If you are interested in attending an upcoming event, please email [email protected].



Contact 2Know:

4000 Westown Pkwy, Ste 110
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

Toll Free: 1.866.526.6581
E-mail: [email protected]